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Technology & Innovation

At Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we are operating the business with a purpose to deliver only the best quality lubricants to the customers. For which, our every single item such as EP Greases, Water Resistant Greases, Hot Forgings, Dry Film Corrosion Protector, Heavy Duty Corrosion Protector, etc. is inspected from formulation to final production. We possess all necessary technology for maintaining the consistency in our processes and deliver orders in promised time. Moreover, the technology has become the primary reason of the success. This way, we have been delivering the best values of products to our valued associates such as Maruti Suzuki, Bharat Forge, Godrej, TATA, Mahindra, IPCA, Pepsico, etc. 


Our superior quality products have endless applications in various sectors and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Steel- The steel fabrication industries always have high demands of lubricants as it reduces costs and helps in completing operations efficiently.
  • Metal Forging- For metal forging, our next generation Graphol forging lubricants are specifically built to solve current problems and limitations.
  • General Engineering- Each item served by us is capable of supporting mechanical, automobile & electrical industries.
  • Food & Pharma- Our offered NSF-H1 certified greases, gear oils, etc. are specifically made to safe guard the items from hazardous contamination.
  • Metal Cutting- Our offered range of lubricants and fluids is necessary in solving issues that rises while working with metal.
  • Mining- The equipment and work strategies used in mining requires lubrication from time to time.
  • Automotive- There are numerous uses of lubricants in automotive sector for which we are working as an offshoot of Ford, GM, etc.
  • Punching & Stamping- Smooth form range of evaopative lubricants are specifically made for enhancing punching & stamping.
  • Oil & Gas- Some of these products are used to enhance the performance of fuels used in machinery. 

Vision & Core Values

Our vision is to provide Molygraph a leading position all across the nation for catering a quality assured range of lubricants. Some of our widely popular products are EP Greases, Water Resistant Greases, Hot Forgings, etc. In order to sustain everlasting growth and development in this competitive field of manufacturing, we have kept all our focus on the core values. These core values are dedicated for maintaining the quality of our products, innovation in introducing better solutions, customers' satisfaction, effective teamwork strategies and integrity of the company. 


Since our inception in 1973, we have set several benchmarks in the domain. Some of our major achievements are listed below:

1973 : Incorporated Anand Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

1976 : Engineering components got commercially produced

1984 : Aerosol production & Specialty grease commences

2000 : Focus on specialty lubricants as the main business

2001 : Successfully captured market share in Sponge Iron sector

2003 : ISO 9001 2008 certification

2005 : Graphited Forging Lubricants introduced

2006 : For introducing punching & stamping fluuids in India, Technical tie up with Dyna Solutions (Korea)

2007 : Authorized Channel Partnership with USA & Sri Lanka

2007 : Purchase of land in Palghar for increasing production

2010 : Commercial production initiated

2012 : Metal Working fluid introduction

2013 : Export division established for global affairs

2014 : Safol range of food grade lubricants introduced

2016 : Anderol Compressor Oils representative in India

2017 : Calcium Sulfonate Complex and Polyurea Greases manufacturing initiated

Why Us?

The reasons due to which we are ahead of many other companies in our domain are described below:

  • We are associated with 14 countries across the world
  • We have a network base of more than 500 customers
  • We have 70 distributors for the range of our products
  • We are bringing more than 200 qualitative products
  • We have 50 field engineers to support our work