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Lubricating Greases And Pastes

EP Greases Our range of products is highly appreciated for its consistency in quality, accuracy, precision and easy to use features. It has the ability to withstand high temperatures and provide corrosion resistant properties. Our EP Greases are environment-friendly and recommended for all types of automobile industries, automobile repair centers and workshops. We offer quality tested EP Greases at market leading prices.
We specialize in producing and supplying high-quality, water-based greases. Additionally, we also have a range of specialty water-based greases, which are designed to resist various environmental conditions, including weathering, corrosion and wear. Our water-resistant greases are ideal for industrial and automotive applications as well as marine applications, pipelines, valves, gearboxes, pumps and compressing gas.
High Temperature Greases made from Ester Base Polyurethane Bases Fluoro Polymers and Silicone Polymers, meet the challenging demands of industrial and automotive environmental conditions. We offer superior quality, long lasting lubricating greases for various industrial applications where chemical & thermal stability, oxidation resistance, water resistance and wear protection are required. We have a wide variety of High Temperature Greases to choose from, each designed to meet specific requirements and provide the best possible performance. Our range is designed for various industrial and automotive applications and also in diverse end markets such as maritime, mining, construction, commercial vehicles, agriculture, automotive components, aerospace and other associated applications.
Multifunctional Greases are special lubricants that are designed to provide protection to multiple surfaces and parts. They offer unmatched lubricity, thermal resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion protection. Multifunctional Greases can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are used to lubricate and protect machines, tools, and equipment from wear and tear. Also, they are used to protect seals, bearings, gears, and other components from friction and corrosion. These greases are formulated with advanced technologies to provide superior protection in extreme temperatures and hostile environments. We are one of the most trusted and reputed suppliers and exporters of Multifunctional Greases in India. We offer superior quality products that are developed using cutting-edge technology and modern manufacturing techniques. Our team has vast experience and expertise in dealing with various lubricants and greases and thus they are able to offer suitable solutions for any application. We offer competitive prices and ensure timely delivery of our products.
Fluid Greases are a versatile type of industrial lubricants. Primarily used to reduce friction and wear in various industrial machines, Fluid Greases are widely used in applications involving gears, bearings, open and enclosed sliding surfaces, and chain drives. These oil-based lubricants are designed to keep surfaces wet and protect them from corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures. Their thick consistency and excellent adhesion properties help to minimize leakage in different machines.
Idemitsu's specially created industrial Robot Greases is made with a base oil with a high viscosity index, which offers outstanding torque characteristics even at low temperatures. It has a unique organic molybdenum anti-wear ingredient added to it that prolongs the life of the reduction gear and reduces the creation of sludge. Additionally, this anti-wear additive is compatible with seals that stop grease leaks.
Chain and wire rope greases are lubricants designed for the lubrication of chains and wire ropes in industries like mining, construction, logging, and shipping. These greases are designed to reduce wear on the wires and chains, help prevent corrosion, and reduce friction and wear related to lubrication. Chain and wire rope greases are available in various viscosities, and are frequently formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. The choice of the lubricant will depend on the environment and the application, and all lubricants should meet the standards for the specific type of application.
Open Gear Greases are lubricants specifically designed for the lubrication of large sized open gears. They are mainly used in gearboxes, winches, and other heavy-duty components where the gears operate over a wide temperature range and in applications requiring a higher degree of lubrication protection. The open-gear greases have excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion and superior adhesion properties that help the grease stay in place, even in high vibration applications. They also feature enhanced thermal stability and have longer service life as compared to regular lubricants.