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Lubricating Greases and Pastes
Lubricating Greases and Pastes are known to be highly water resistant and are non sticky in their nature. The service and the durability these add to the end products is commendable. These are non toxic and assures the wear endurance.
Lubricating Oils
Lubricating Oils are largely in demand due to their non stick and distinct feature that adds to life span of the surface these are applied to. These tend to sustain high and unfavorable temperatures with an ease.
MRO Lubricants
MRO Lubricants are majorly used on metallic surfaces and are very cost effective in term of price. These are solvent based and can easily be blended with various solvents. The lubricants safeguard the surface from being corroded.
Forging Lubricants
Forging Lubricants are applicable for both kinds of forgings (hot as well as cold ). These are very efficient in imparting durability to the end products and also protecting them from being decayed. Also, reduces the friction between two bodies in order to ease the performance.
Punching Oils
Vanishing Oils are very beneficial oils which provides tremendous coating to the metallic surfaces and makes their performance even more efficient. The durability these provide to end metals is worth mentioning.
Metal Working Fluids
Metal Working Fluids are highly water soluble and provides long life to the end products these are applied upon. These fluids are very efficient even in extreme temperatures and heat resistant. These are odorless and free from toxins.
Food Grade Lubricants
Food Grade Lubricants have commendable shear capability and also minimizes the friction between two objects. These are known to perform extremely well in both low as well as high temperatures. Also guards the other bodies from rust.
Industrial Lubricant
Available in different formulation, these Industrial lubricants play major role in improving performance of different machines.  Known for their wide temperature range, this array of lubricants can be applied by brush or spray. Standard shelf life, non toxic content and Eco friendly content are the key aspects of this product range.